“Windows 10” (Tech Preview) Installation

Prerequisite : This version is using 10 gig disk for OS, minimum RAM 4 gig, and internet connection
1. After downloading source, start your computer (from scratch) or run Setup (for upgrade previous version)
win10012. Please select your keyboard version, then click Next.
win10023. Let’s start installing windows with click Install Now.
win10034. Installation is running …
win10045. It will appear Windows Setup  Wizard, checked “I accept the license terms”, click Next.
win10056. Next, choose type of installation option, in this case “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)” will be chosen.
win10067. Next, select disk where installation is, click Next
win10078. Now, installation on progress …
9. After process will be done, next wizard is Setting, select “Use express settings” .
win100910. Now checking internet connection on progress …
win101011. if internet connection having trouble, it will be occurred this your account wizard, then click “Create a local account”.
win101112. Next Your account wizard will occur then click Finish ..
win101213. VOILA …  OS have installed with local registered account.


Happy day !


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